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If you got up one day and didn’t have hot water around the house, you probably would panic since you are not used to taking cold showers.

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Don’t worry though, because we provide repair/replacement water heaters services and are only a phone call away. Our skilled and always available plumbers can rectify any problem this important appliance in your home has and reinstate your convenience.

Do you have an electric water heater that isn’t operating well and that needs repairing? If you have this problem, we can look at your unit and make the necessary repairs. This is not to say that you should have it replaced.

We can save the unit and in a short amount of time you will enjoy a hot shower in case you have not been having heated water in your residence. Taking care of this problem now is good for several reasons including helping the unit to last a lot longer.



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Emergency Related Plumbers in Humble

Has your gas water heater developed a noise that sounds like rocks in the tank? This might be a result of sedimentation that has accumulated in the tank for many years and now urgently needs to be cleaned.

On the other hand, if you want to make repairs such as low performing pump or sealing leaks and cleaning the unit, we are the right service to hire for this job. Just like we do a superior Drain Cleaning job for all our customers, we will also maintain this unit for you. In case you have a 40/50/60 gallon water heater and really want to change to a more energy efficient system such as a tankless heating unit, we can install this for you

You shouldn’t get rid of your old unit until you have consulted with us because we might be able to give it many more years of superior performance. On the other hand, we will let you know if repairs are not cost-efficient.

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